40 Days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer

An exciting new congregation-wide initiative begins the week of October 3rd, 2021  All adults connected to Cross of Christ are enthusiastically urged by Elders and Council alike to join us in the eye-opening devotional series “40 Days of Prayer”.  Including 40 actual days of prayer, this experience will help us discover the truth that God designed us to hear His voice.  The fact is, God is speaking all the time, and He wants us to speak to Him.  God wired us for that kind of relationship and emphasized its importance when He included the simple encouragement to “pray without ceasing” in His Holy Word.


As a congregation, through sermons, video resources, and small group conversations, we will wholeheartedly seek to find out what that means in our own lives and how we can grow in our relationship with the One who made us – and who not only speaks into our lives unceasingly, but desires us to return the favor.


Everyone is encouraged to SIGN UP NOW.  Select and join one of our numerous small groups which will be meeting in person or virtually beginning the week of October 3rd!  It will change your (prayer) life!


Lesson #1 – “The Purp” (CLICK HERE)

Lesson #2 – “How to Pray with Confidence” (CLICK HERE)

Lesson #3 – “Pattern for Prayer – Part 1” (CLICK HERE)

Lesson #4 – “Pattern for Prayer – Part 2” (CLICK HERE)

Lesson #5 – “Praying for a Breakthrough” (CLICK HERE)

Lesson #6 – “How to Pray in a Crisis” (CLICK HERE)

Lesson #7 – “40 Days of Prayer” (CLICK HERE)