Senior Pastor Call Committee – Update, 10-20-2020

Senior Pastor Call Committee – Update, 10-20-2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have reached another milestone along our journey to call a Senior Pastor and I wanted to give you an update on what has been happening.

  • The Senior Pastor Call Committee has continued to meet, discuss, and pray over the second list of candidates provided from the Michigan District as well as the names submitted by our congregation.  The one candidate they thought was suitable for a call to Cross of Christ indicated he would not accept a call from us based on moving further from his family.
  • The Call Committee met for 18 months and did good work, which resulted in our congregation issuing two calls and nearly a third.  As a leadership team, Council and Elders decided to take some time to meet and review the call process, documents, communication, governance, and membership of the committee.


  • We wanted to assess whether there were learnings from this journey that we should use to enhance the process.   The only change made to the process was to add formal communication to council/elders at key milestones along the process, which allows better insight into how the committee is functioning and how their decisions were made.  We will share the results of these milestone reviews with the congregation as well.
  • We also wanted to provide an opportunity for those serving on the Call Committee to reflect on their ability and desire to continue to serve on the committee.  A lot has changed since they first met.
    • Cary Schwab and Erik Alexander have elected to retire from the committee.
    • Theresa Bolinger has also elected to leave the committee in order to serve on Council in the Mission Trustee role as Erik Alexander has resigned from Council.
    • Council and Elders have agreed that Don Lozen, Jeff Grunewald, and Dan Nicholson will join the Senior Pastor Call Committee, which maintains the current 7 person membership.
  • I want to express my deepest appreciation to the effort and dedication shown by the entire committee, especially to Erik, Cary, and Theresa as they move on to the next step in their ministry work.  I would also like to thank Don, Jeff, and Dan for their significant commitment of time to serve on the committee.


  • This second generation of Senior Pastor Call Committee will begin to meet in the near future and we will keep you informed of their progress.

I continue to be amazed at how God has prepared and supplied us for this long journey through a difficult season.  I can’t help but believe it is because He has something great planned for us on the other side.

Yours in Christ,

Kevin Bilkey
Council Chairman