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When it comes to little ones, our priority is to make sure they are safely cared for throughout any activities, events, and classes... all while experiencing the unconditional love of Jesus as shown through the caring actions of our Nursery staff and volunteers. On Sunday mornings during the 10:30am service our Nursery in Room 12 [...]


We want to make sure your preschoolers are loved and cared for throughout all activities, events, and classes while learning more about who Jesus is and how much He loves them. SonLight City: Our Sunday morning program helps kids who are ages 3 and 4 learn and understand the primary stories of the Bible and [...]

Grades K – 4

Kids in the early elementary grades are ready to learn more about the Bible and apply its principles to their lives. SonLight City: Elementary kids think like scientists... they need to know how things work and need concrete examples... but are motivated by fun, so our program incorporates both of those elements. We help kids [...]

Middle School Youth (Grades 5-8)

Love Lived Out in Middle School Ministry At Cross of Christ, we get that life in middle school is different--a lot is changing! That's why we have a fantastic team of youth and adults to help our middle school youth & their families grow & build a solid identity in Christ. we offer 5th-8th graders to [...]

High School Youth (Grades 9 – 12)

High school is full of expectations: perform, look ahead, succeed. It's when we form friendships and shape who we are. At the center of it all is a God who cares, who listens and who acts. Cross of Christ's high school youth ministry is a place to find friends and acceptance, to have questions answered [...]

College and Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry: Coffee Break It's back to class, which puts many of our college students and young adults back on campus or back at work, but that doesn't mean we've disappeared. Those of us who are still in town get together for coffee, meet up at worship and catch up with each other at [...]