Gospel DNA – Sermon Series

Gospel DNA – Sermon Series


Gospel DNA Five Markers of a Flourishing Church

Weekly Topic/Illustration Breakdown:

  • October 7th: Gospel DNA I – Marker One: People

    • BIG IDEA: We need to stop asking, “How can we grow the church?” and start asking, “How can we love people as God has loved us?”

      • Scripture Reading: 1 John. 4:7-11

      • Gospel Reading: Luke 7:40-48

  • October 14: Gospel DNA II – Marker Two: Multiplication

    • BIG IDEA: We the flourishing church know that creating new opportunities for people to access the gospel is the best mission strategy; God has given us all the resources we need to do so.

      • Scripture Reading: Acts 2:42-47

      • Gospel Reading: Mathew 25:14-30

  • October 21st: Gospel DNA III – Marker Three: Adaptability

    • BIG IDEA: We honor foundational beliefs while at the same time finding new ways to transmit those truths to new people in new contexts.

      • Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

      • Gospel Reading: Mathew 15:21-28

  • October 28th: Gospel DNA IV – REFORMATION DAY – Marker Four: Truth

    • BIG IDEA: The truth of God is not a set of facts to be memorized but a conviction that motivates us to care for those Christ died to save.

      • Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:11-15

      • Gospel Reading: John 17:1-19

  • November 4th: Gospel DNA V – ALL SAINT’S DAY – Marker Five: Self-Sacrifice

    • GUEST PASTOR: Pastor Rob Kasper, Michigan District

    • BIG IDEA: We are thankful for the saints who have gone before us, whose sacrifices enable us to have a life-changing story to proclaim.

      • Scripture Reading: Hebrew’s 12:1-2

      • Gospel Reading: Matthew 16:24-28

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