Mission of the Month – February 2020 – Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO)

Mission of the Month – February 2020 – Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO)

Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO) – Christ commissioned us to go as his witnesses and make disciples in all the world is given to all believers. Missionary sending is no longer from just the West, but “from everywhere to everywhere”! Global Lutheran Outreach is committed to enabling Lutherans from anywhere in the world to serve as missionaries!  We are GLOBAL – not belonging to any single country or continent, nor are aligned to a particular Lutheran church or synod; however we are LUTHERAN in faith and work with Lutheran missionaries and Lutheran churches and organizations who share this faith. Traditional missionary sending requires a large expensive missionary support structure; therefore the donations for the February Mission of the Month will specifically be supporting Pastor Steve Massey (from GLO) who was recently called to serve as a missionary pastor at Redentor del Mundo (the World’s Redeemer) in Santiago Zamora, Guatemala.  

 Website = https://globallutheranoutreach.com/


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