Cross of Christ Families,

I would like to announce the opportunity for our Youth to be a part of a very special Mission Trip, this Summer, 2021. The amazing thing about this trip is that it is not very far from home – we will be traveling to Lincoln, Illinois to help build and/or repair homes for those in need. It is good to remember that there are so many who need a helping hand, much closer than we could ever imagine. These people are so very grateful for the work that is done – people just like you and I.

This trip will be taking place from July 25th – July 31st. This may not seem like a ton of time to prepare, but all you have to do is say yes, and we will get you there. Our group will be traveling with a larger group from St. John Lutheran Church & School, Rochester – which will be a great opportunity for us to meet new people!

The age for this trip is 12 years old and up! & We can take as many students as we want.

Here is a link that explains everything you need to know about this trip: https://youtu.be/PwVMpb2XS0Q

As far as Covid protocols go, it is all subject to change, depending on what the current situation is when the trip approaches. However, no matter the circumstances, we will do our best to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can.


Right now… what we need from you, is simply a yes. The deadline for commitment is (APRIL 30th). Please confirm with me on or before this date, by Email or by phone.

We will also need a $60 deposit when you rsvp. Total cost of the trip is $350 – the video link elaborates on what this is used for. You will see this said in the video, but we will do whatever it takes to get your child on this trip. So if the cost is a little out of reach, PLEASE, contact me, and I will make certain that we find the resources.

I desperately want our students to come on this trip. Not only will they be able to spend time with me (because I’m awesome) … they will have an entire week to grow and to share their faith in Jesus Christ with other students just like them – which is the greatest goal of this trip. To grow with Jesus. They will be able to use their own two hands to help someone in need, and witness the work of Jesus playing out right in front of them. Along with some breaks for fun-time, don’t worry… J  So please, pray on this. And let me know as soon as you can if your child is going. It would be an absolute joy for me.

In Christ,

Matthew Osborne


Intro Video regarding Mission Trip