Mission of the Month – November 2022 – Oakland Hope

Mission of the Month – November 2022 – Oakland Hope

Oakland Hope, a Christian food pantry and thrift store, is located at 20 E Walton Blvd in Pontiac. Their mission is (motivated by the love of Jesus) to alleviate hunger in Oakland Country and empower lives.

Oakland Hope began in 2014 as a Christian, non-profit organization “motivated by the love of God to alleviate hunger and empower lives in Oakland county”. Oakland Hope is Oakland county’s largest food bank and supported by income from their adjoining thrift shop. They recently moved to a new and larger location to the corner of Baldwin and Walton in Pontiac.

The thrift store is a funding mechanism for the food pantry. Oakland Hope is staffed by volunteers who organize, price and sell thrift store items. In the food pantry, they restock food in refrigerators, shop for clients and put boxes of food in cars.
Food given to clients includes canned and staple items, milk, eggs, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and desserts. Some food items are donated and others are purchased. Clients can come once a week for food.
In 2020, over 82,000 people were fed 1.4 million pounds of food, and over 900 volunteers donated 17,000+ hours of service.

Check out the website oaklandhope.org or call 248-309-3658.  Contact the director, Norma, for more information at norma@oaklandhope.org

Pray that God would continue to provide thrift store items, food and volunteers to staff Oakland Hope. Let’s serve our community andshare the love of Jesus by volunteering

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