Orphanage Visits

Orphanage Visits

Good Evening,

This morning we visited the catholic orphanage in Port Au Prince.  God’s blessings were abundant in this place, as we all smiles from the children.  It was a hard task as there were more babies than we could possibly hold.  Towards the end of our visit there we were allowed to feed the children, which I am told was not allowed in the past.  This was a moment that touched our whole group emotionally, as well as physically, since some of us were peed on, pooped on, or spit up on.  We will never forget it.

We also visited four schools today to distribute soccer balls and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The team, as well as the message, was received well by those we visited.  The last school, which was also an orphanage, greeted us with hugs as we entered through the gate.  They had even prepared a song which the sang for us twice.  We spent a great deal of time playing with the kids and sharing in their joy.  They insisted on washing all the men in the group’s hair, which was very refreshing in the heat.  Sean was even fortunate enough to have one of the ladies there braid his hair.  He looks very stylish!

It was a very uplifting day, which touched all of our hearts.  We look forward to 3 large soccer camps tomorrow and another day sharing the gospel of the Lord with the beautiful people of Haiti.

Good Night and God’s Blessings,


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