Matt Osborne

Matt Osborne

Hello Everyone! My name is Matthew Osborne and I grew up in the small town of Hudson Michigan, where dirt roads are plentiful. I am the youngest of five children (one sister, four brothers), and because of that I now have nine nieces and nephews – with more on the way.

Following high school, I was not set on a career path, so I took my time and enrolled at a junior college in Jackson Michigan. It was not until after serving on staff at Camp Arcadia that I quickly realized I wanted to work in Ministry. After I had made up my mind, God put my life into place for me – I transferred to Concordia to study Family Life, joined the football team, and later joined the lacrosse team. I was also able to be involved with worship arts at CUAA, as well as with University Lutheran Chapel in Ann Arbor, and a many number of other programs, departments, and activities. Going to Concordia gave me purpose, it was God’s way of telling me that this is the direction that I must go with my life. During my time there, I made the most amazing relationships with so many wonderful people, and I learned a great deal about myself and others.

Just like so many individuals, I struggled in my youth, specifically in high school. One of my biggest supporters during that time was my own youth leader, and he saw me through many different challenges. He didn’t do anything spectacular, he didn’t have some secret formula to solve all my problems – he just listened, he understood, and he genuinely cared. And because of my experiences, I am so excited to follow Jesus’ call to serve and to see many others through their own difficulties in life. Most importantly, I simply want to share in the awesome love of Jesus with as many people as I possibly can.

I am thrilled to meet every single one of you (whenever that may be), and get to know you on a deeper level. It is such an incredible blessing to be a part of this congregation and I am so very thankful for this opportunity that you have all given to me. I cannot wait to see what I am going to learn from all of you here at Cross of Christ!



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