Return to Worship

Return to Worship

June 9, 2020

Dear Friends,

As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic has paused our nation and our state. Since March 15th we have been live streaming worship services. It has been fun to watch the number of views from Sunday and then throughout the week. The services are getting 300-400 views weekly. Of course, some of you have been writing notes on Facebook as you watch Facebook live. We have received a number of positive comments from the congregation as we worked to continue our ministry in this “paused season.” It will be exciting to hear the stories of how God has blessed our ministry through this time.

Now we are ready to start public worship on June 14 with services at 8:30 and 10:30. The late service will be live streamed for anyone not attending to watch.

Below is information on how we will restart. Our desire is that we are all safe so we’ve established some guidelines. There is no desire to prevent anyone from worshipping. We simply want to offer care to all of our attenders.

We are asking you to do the following:

  • Each Sunday the attenders will fill out a form and sign it that they are of good health. The form will be on the website with the RSVP link. Please bring this to worship.
  • Go to the web site or call the office to RSVPif you and your family will be attending. This allows our ushers to prepare the building for social distancing.
  • We do recommend wearing a mask. We will have a supply here if you desire one. There is evidence that COVID-19 is a higher risk for others by not wearing a mask.
  • Please follow the direction of our ushers. They will be seating families so that we are all social distancing.

We will offer communion every week at both of our worship services using our prepackaged elements. For those who desire to watch our live stream you are welcome to pick up the prepackaged communion elements this week Friday, June 12, from 11-2. We certainly want all of us to participate in the Sacrament. If you wish, use your own wine and unleavened bread.

An offering will be received but not collected at our services. An envelope can be dropped into a basket as you leave. I would encourage all of us to do on line giving.

Our elders, Church Council, and ushers will be volunteering to assist with our worship experience. It will be exciting to see people in the sanctuary again celebrating the gift of faith in Jesus.

Kevin Bilkey, our council president, and Steve Boergert, our Head of Elders, and I have been in extensive conversation about the design for our service. We want people to be safe as well as have a wonderful worship experience. If you are considered high risk, please watch the live stream service for the time being. As we all know, information is constantly changing and we want to be wise and safe in our care for each other.

In Christ,
Pastor Dan