What a day…

What a day…

Hi everyone – this is Kirsten

Today was an amazing day.   I have to admit, a few of us were saddened by not being able to paint on Tuesday.   We worked hard to build relationships with the Haitians on Monday and felt we let them down by not going back yesterday (breaking our commitment).       God had other plans for us on Tuesday which ended up being wonderful as well.

Now on to today…

We arrived around 9:30 by the time we navigated through traffic.   While driving through tent city (always heartbreaking) the children saw the green bus and started running to the church – they thought we were doing VBS.   There were over 50 kids waiting at the gate when we arrived.   Luphan (our body guard) talked to the kids and said we were there to paint.   It was tough to watch them all walk away…

We needed to bust out a lot of work today – and we did.  Between Aaron (our fearless painting leader), Cory, Jessica Echols, Len, Breanna, myself and a handful of Haitians we painted the lower level of the playground and 3 class rooms with 2 coats.    It looks amazing – so fresh and clean!

The best part of today was all of us in one classroom signing Celine Dion and teaching each other Creole and English.    They tortured us for a bit pretending to not know English.   Then Alex walked in and asked for a paint brush…in English!   We laughed a lot and had a great afternoon!   We were blessed beyond words to work side by side with the Haitians – as equals – no one greater than anyone else.   We hugged, fist pumped and high fived when we left.    We will see them tomorrow and finish the remaining classrooms.

Tonight we were welcomed into Uncle Leo’s home for dinner.   His family welcomed us with open arms and prepared us by far the best meal of the week!   We ate on the roof, Uncle Leo cut us some fresh coconut and played the accordian for us – we sang several joyful songs – a great night of celebration.

As I close on this day – our team is sitting outside, hanging out and celebrating the amazing day we had as a team.   I emphasize team – we did it together and enjoyed every minute of our time with the Haitians.    Today by far has been the best day here…looking forward to more painting and Celine Dion singing tomorrow.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!   We appreciate it more than you know

God bless,


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