Worship in Spirit & In Truth

Worship in Spirit & In Truth

“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.” John 4:24

No one on this team speaks Haitian Creole, at least, not more than a couple key phrases. One might think given that fact, that we should find ourselves a worship service that at least had a translator. Everything that’s Lutheran in me is inclined to think that going to a worship service where you can’t understand what’s being said is a bad idea.

That part of me was about to be schooled.

This morning we walked into First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti, many of us for the first time away from the comfort of the English language. We worshipped together with songs we knew by heart, though the words were different. Together when we spoke our faith, again, it was with different sounds, but the same spirit. It was in prayer that I really experienced what Jesus meant in John 4. In prayer, while I could not understand all the words, over and over I heard this phrase “celestiale Pere”, heavenly Father. Here, we were all brothers and sisters in Christ. Here, we were together, meeting with our Father, calling on His Name, and sharing in His unfailing love.
Worship this morning was incredible, with some of the most beautiful people on God’s earth, here in Haiti.

After worship, we took care of filling futbols for tomorrow, our first camp. We were able to take some time at the Baptist Mission, where we experienced a taste of the beauty in the mountains of Haiti, and met more of the amazing people that call this place home.

Yesterday our interpreter Jemmy told us that Haiti is a rich country–today as we met the people, embraced the culture and experienced the grandeur of what God has created here, I think I understand what he meant. I’m grateful to be able to meet my brothers & sisters in Christ here, and share the love of Jesus with them this week.

We are blessed still with good health, and an attitude of excitement from the whole team to get to the real work of tomorrow.
Love from Haiti-
Beth M & the Team

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