Our Small Groups are getting ready to launch a new and exciting congregation-wide study! PhD. Sandra Richter, one of the finest teachers of the Old Testament in the world and the author of the study puts it this way, “The Old Testament of the Bible can feel like a junk drawer – a disorganized collection of important stuff we don’t want to lose yet don’t know what to do with.  From the Pentateuch to patriarchs and from kings to prophets, it can feel like a puzzle we’ve tried to put together but wind up putting back in the box because it’s too complicated.

“The Epic of Eden” is for those looking for a deeply substantive and profoundly spiritual exploration of the Old Testament.

It is perfect for our robust Cross of Christ Small Groups and promises to be a wonderfully stimulating dig into the Old Testament with a view to understanding the New Testament and, yes, even our own lives.

If you are not yet part of a small group, give us your particulars so we can figure out a way to welcome you into this enjoyable and connective Small Group experience beginning at the end of January.